Bronner v. American Studies Association

In the six years since it was filed, Bronner v. American Studies Association, District of Columbia Superior Court, No. 2019 CA 001712 B, for which Deborah Project lawyers are lead counsel, has yielded crucial insight into how anti-Israel activists conducted a hostile takeover of an American academic society to advance their own political goal of boycotting the Jewish state.  In the documentary record produced in discovery — substantive depositions have not yet begun — Deborah Project lawyers have amassed a record showing that the defendants explicitly chose to conceal their political agenda from Association members when running for positions of power in  the organization; took hundreds of thousands of dollars from the ASA’s modest endowment to finance their political goals; manipulated the vote on adoption of a BDS resolution, to make it appear that it had passed when it had actually failed, and explicitly stated that they would pursue their anti-Israel boycott even if it hurt the Association itself (as hundreds of respected university presidents and other academics said it would, and as the ASA’s records show it has).