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Group sues district for public records related to ethnic studies
A pro-Israel law firm has sued the Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District for allegedly withholding records related to a pro-Palestinian c
Deborah Project files another lawsuit against a California school district
It was déjà vu for the public-interest law firm the Deborah Project, which has sued two California public-school districts in as many months.
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NJ Investigates Westfield Board Of Ed Member for Antisemitism
A Westfield Board of Education member, who is being investigated by the New Jersey School Ethics Commission over her alleged antisemitic actions, has
Jewish Public Interest Law Firm Demands Transparency on Ethnic Studies Content from Hayward Unified School District
We’ve asked the Superior Court in Alameda County to compel Hayward Unified School District to answer the Public Record requests we sent months ago.
California Parents Say No to Anti-Semitic Ethnic Studies
Activists are pushing curricula that portray Israel as a ‘settler state’ founded on ‘genocide.’
The Deborah Project adding litigators against critical race theory
“Are the Jewish people finally prepared to assert their own civil rights?” asks Legal Director Lori Lowenthal Marcus.
Indoctrinating schoolchildren to hate Israel and Jews
Radical educators are raising up a new generation of anti-Semites.
California school district partners with ethnic studies group once accused of anti-Semitism
The program instituted by Hayward Unified School District, much of it denounced by the governor and rejected by the California School Board, is being
Radical educators want to make Israel a dirty word in California schools
A new lawsuit is fighting back.
Liberated Ethnic Studies group aims to end-run Newsom law
A group favoring what it calls Liberated Ethnic Studies is trying to re-introduce anti-Semitic and other controversial content by selling an ethnic st
Ethnic studies continues to boil melting pot as lawsuit is brought against LA school district
The Liberated curriculum violates state and federal law by discriminating against Jewish residents of California—namely, “Americans and Middle Eastern
Calif. lawsuit targets teaching of ethnic studies in Los Angeles schools
A group of Jewish parents and teachers claim that a curriculum being shared with L.A. teachers discriminates against Jewish students
‘Liberated’ ethnic studies group hit with lawsuit alleging civil rights violations
Scrutiny continued to mount this week surrounding the Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Consortium after a group of Jewish parents and teacher
Does Ethnic Studies Have a Jewish Problem?
Critical/liberated ethnic studies demonizes the West, especially Israel and Jews. It's being taught in kindergarten through college.
California Parents Say No to Anti-Semitic Ethnic Studies
Activists are pushing curricula that portray Israel as a ‘settler state’ founded on ‘genocide.’
Print Issue: Uncovering a Curriculum | May 27, 2022
Uncovering a Curriculum
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